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Migrate to IP based communications technology

Enhance the quality and security of your calls with a private network

  • Dedicated session border controller (SBC) protects and routes all calls.
  • Stem Connect uses its own VOICE unlimited bandwidth private network. Our VOICE does not mix with customer data and does not travel through the public internet.
  • SBC does transcoding so all our customers can communicate in high definition. Stem Connect upscales VOICE from all providers, including mobile providers, to HD.


  • Dedicated Session Border Controller
  • Transcoding and upscaling voice to high definition
  • Dedicated private VOICE network with unlimited bandwidth


  • Higher quality
  • Increased stability
  • Better user experience
  • Increased security

Enterprises are increasingly migrating to IP based communications technology to facilitate the new ways in which their customers and employees communicate in the digital world.

Connect your existing PBX to our best of breed equipment and use Stem Connect as your VoIP supplier for an enhanced user experience.

Session border controllers (SBCs) work behind the scenes to ensure that voice, video and data communications flow smoothly and securely between networks and the people who use them. An SBC is part firewall, protecting the network from IP-based attacks; part traffic cop, policing traffic to prevent overloads and directing it over shorter distances to save money; and part peacemaker, ensuring that networked devices from different vendors all speak the same language.


Dedicated solutions for business and enterprise

Enterprise fibre (1:1)
Optimal for large multi-branch, national and global enterprises. Fully managed fibre solutions to connect branches, offices and people with our True 1:1 uncontended service.
Business fibre (1:3)
Ideal for SMMEs looking for fast, reliable and affordable fibre. No hardware or installation costs with a 36 month contract.
Broadband fibre (1:10)
Best for budget conscious SMMEs where a slightly higher contention ratio is not a hurdle. Uncapped and unshaped fibre at a fraction of the cost.
Cloud networks
Take advantage of private cloud networks that offer scalability, performance, efficient bandwidth utilization, reduced network congestion and a superior end-user experience.
Cloud tools
Improve team performance, efficiency, document sharing and collaboration in a secure cloud environment.
Fast fibre internet means carrier-grade voice solutions. Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional landline telecommunication solutions. Highly scalable voice solutions that combine data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting across your VoIP, PBX and mobile networks.