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  • Metro Ethernet Fibre backhaul
  • Massive National Coverage
  • 1:10 Contention
  • Added dedicated 1:1 2 Mbps VLAN, ideal for VOIP Failover
  • Product is uncapped and adheres to an Acceptable usage Policy


  • Quick turn around on installations
  • Service can be relocated with in contract
  • Exceptional pricing
  • Ideal high-speed Failover service

Stem Connect has partnered with the best Broadband Microwave providers to offer and support this service. This service is attractive for redundancy and remote location sites.

Stem Connects Broadband Microwave has no interference with other frequencies thus will not lead to signal jitter. Stem Connect has relationships with multiple providers and peers in multiple locations where the traffic traverses over Fibre from there.


Dedicated solutions for business and enterprise

Enterprise fibre (1:1)
Fully managed fibre solutions for large multi-branch, national and global enterprises. Connect your branches, offices and people with our True 1:1 Uncontended service.
Business fibre (1:3)
Perfect for SMMEs looking for fast, reliable and affordable fibre. No hardware or installation costs with a 36 month contract.
Broadband fibre (1:10)
Perfect for budget conscious SMMEs who don’t mind a slightly higher contention ratio. Uncapped and unshaped fibre at a fraction of the cost.
Cloud networks
Private cloud networks that offer scalability, performance, better bandwidth utilization, reduced network congestion and a better end-user experience.
Cloud tools
Improve team performance, efficiency, document sharing and collaboration in a secure cloud environment.
Fast fibre internet means carrier-grade voice solutions. Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional landline telecommunication solutions. Highly scalable voice solutions that combine data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting across your VoIP, PBX and mobile networks.