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Voice2Teams provides a carrier-grade telephony solution that works anywhere and on any device. This flexible hybrid solution assures your employees enjoy the convenience of voice-enabled Teams mixed with other IP endpoints such as handsets, smartphones, laptops and computers.

Microsoft launched Voice2Teams at the end of 2019 and since then the demand for this service has rampantly grown due to the global increase of employees working remotely. According to a recent survey completed by Statista, the number of daily active users on Microsoft Teams reached 270 million.

Businesses continue to implement this solution, driven by the need for a reliable communication and collaboration platform. We decided to dig in deeper to find out more about this solution and what it offers.

We recently interviewed the team at Stem Connect to gain an understanding on the Voice2Teams solution they provide. Read on to find out more.

The movement towards remote working has grown in recent months, which means equipping your employees with effective digital communication solutions is more important than ever. In businesses with multiple locations, a variety of telephone applications means the need for a flexible, scalable and easily managed VoIP solution.

What is Voice2Teams?

Voice2Teams is a simple add-on to Microsoft 365 that enables your business to connect its Microsoft Teams application to Stem Connect’s cloud-hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) voice system. By integrating both of these platforms, employees will be able to make and receive phone calls via the Teams application.

Microsoft Teams can be installed on any device with an internet connection such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop allowing employees the flexibility to answer calls from any location whether they are based in the office or at home.

How does it work?

Each employee will be allocated a contact number and extension. Incoming calls will ring to the phone on their desk and the call will be forwarded to Teams if unanswered. This means that calls will be directed to the device that is logged into their Teams account. Outgoing calls can be made using the phone on their desk or from a device that is connected to their Teams account.

Your existing contact numbers can be retained by porting them to Stem Connect’s PBX system. Xander Fourie, Core Network Engineer from Stem Connect mentioned, “Our solution is the most seamless way to integrate phones into your environment without having to deal with third-party applications.“

Whether you call out using your Teams client or your telephone, your caller ID will be the same. These features and the simplicity of a centralised portal allow enterprises to scale their voice systems with the easy provisioning of new phones.

One of the biggest advantages of implementing Voice2Teams is keeping all your business communications within the Microsoft 365 environment enhancing productivity as documents, chats and call histories are stored all on this one platform.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Receive and make international and local calls
  • Port numbers
  • Record calls
  • High-quality phone calls
  • Encrypted calls so company information is protected
  • Competitive calling rates
  • Fraud protection and call monitoring to detect fraudulent activity
  • Simple installation with no additional hardware or software required
  • Free unlimited calls between your offices and sites regardless of global location

Businesses are required to have a licence with Microsoft 365 and a Stem Connect PBX system. Unfortunately, a private PBX will be unsuitable to host the Voice2Teams add-on due to device compatibility. Businesses are welcome to migrate their current or legacy PBX system to the Stem Connect PBX system.

Integrating VoIP systems with Teams may appear pricey, but Stem Connect ensures a cost-effective solution, using assets your business already owns. Xander stated, “Using an existing asset such as an employee cell phone will allow for swift deployment as most employees already have Teams installed on their cell phone.”

Whether you need help planning your Voice2Teams deployment, migrating users to Teams or troubleshooting call quality, Stem Connect has you covered. Receive a turnkey solution to plan, design and maintain a comprehensive enterprise voice solution that integrates all of the benefits of Microsoft Teams with traditional telecommunications solutions. Contact us today to speak to an expert.